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Q&A Page Schema for bbPress

Q&A pages are web pages that contain data in a question and answer format, which is one question followed by its answers. So, if you run a forum with bbPress, for example – this is the perfect scenario in which you should use Rank Math PRO to automatically add Q&A Schema since your page content represents a question and its answers. meaning it should be marked up using QAPageQuestion, and Answer types.

Please ensure that you have enabled the bbPress module (available only in PRO) in the Rank Math Dashboard. In order to enable the bbPress module, you need to install the bbPress plugin.

Once you have enabled the bbPress module, then Rank Math will automatically add Schema Markup to pages generated by the bbPress plugin (where necessary).

The users can also see the below option:

bbPress Option

We use the Q&A for bbPress for Rank Math Support Forums as well. It makes our forum more powerful and elegant. Below is an example of how the rich result can look like for webpages that use Q&A Schema.

Rich Result Example

For a better forum experience that also results in an easier discovery experience for your user-generated content in search, we strongly recommend using bbPress paired with Rank Math PRO to enjoy this functionality.

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