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Using Google Analytics 4 Property with Rank Math Analytics

Rank Math Analytics helps you track the performance of your content in search and keep an eye on which posts are performing well as well as which of them require attention.

The overall idea of the Rank Math Analytics feature is to provide you with an overview of your current SEO standing and your immediate SEO progress. You can easily view your website’s current state with respect to organic traffic with the help of this feature.

This is how the dashboard of Rank Math analytics looks like:

Rank Math Analytics Dashboard

Right now, GA4 is in beta, and Rank Math does not support that. If a website is using GA4, we do not show that in the dropdown at WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > General Settings > Analytics.

An easy way to fix that is by switching to GA3.

Let’s have a look as to how you can achieve this:

At first, go to your Google Analytics > Admin.

Navigate to the admin section

Then click on Create Property.

Create Property

Give a name to your property in the Property Setup.

Give Property Name

Under the advanced options, click the toggle to enable Create a Universal Analytics property.

enable Create a Universal Analytics Property.

Last but not the least enter your website name in the website URL and then click Next.

Add Website URL

GA4 is still in beta and we do not support that. We have plans of implementing that in the future once their GA4 API matures.

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