Plugin’s Usage Tracking Policy

By default, plugin developers receive no usage data from whatsoever. This is great because, in the spirit of WordPress & open-source in general, it means people have complete control of their data.

That being said, it also means that Rank Math has no information regarding how many websites are using our plugin, how people interact with the plugin, or identify common situations in which issues may arise when using Rank Math. This makes our job of providing the best possible user experience a lot harder since we don’t have any real data to show us how to improve.

We’ve therefore added the option for anyone to send feedback if someone is deactivating the plugin. Only when submitted, this will send us the feedback from the user while deactivating the plugin. This is completely optional, and there is a SKIP button on the left-hand side of the feedback form to not submit the feedback.

Rank Math Deactivation Survey Feedback Form

In short, when submitted – feedback survey helps us:

  • Understand why most users are deactivating the plugin, which allows us to plan the development of new features. or improve current features.
  • Understand the number of potentially affected websites if, in the unlikely event, something ever goes wrong with a specific feature or update, which helps us mitigate issues a lot faster.
  • Develop functionality according to the most used plugin-configurations.

By choosing to share anonymous survey feedback, you’re not only helping us make Rank Math better for you; you’re helping us make it better for everyone. Because although the information collected is minimal, we can use this to inform product development, write better documentation, and ensure we’re doing everything we can to make Rank Math more useful.

What we’ll receive

We only receive non-sensitive data in an anonymous form on why the Rank Math plugin was deactivated. We DO NOT track or store personal data nor do we track business-critical data from you and your site’s users.

We do, however, store the survey’s feedback submitted by the user. If someone chooses to skip the deactivation step, we do not receive anything on our servers.

When someone deactivates Rank Math, a feedback popup is shown. If someone chooses not to skip the step in order to provide feedback, the following data is sent back to our servers and stored in addition to the feedback provided:

  • Feedback

The sole purpose and intention of collecting this data are to make the plugin better and more secure. We do that by learning why they abandon it. Those valuable data points are key to making informed decisions that lead to better user experience, new features, better documentation, and overall a more enjoyable experience.

How to skip sharing the feedback

To opt-out of sharing the feedback, simply click on the Skip & Deactivate button, and the plugin will deactivate immediately.

Rank Math Deactivation Survey Feedback Form Skip Button

Rank Math’s account connection with the plugin

When someone connects their Rank Math account with the Rank Math plugin during the initial setup process, we store their website URL and display that in your member area accessible on for easy client management.

Search Console Data

We do not store or process any of your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Google AdSense, data on our servers. The plugin simply fetches the data via the API to display it in your WordPress admin area and store it in your website’s database.

Your Privacy First

We take your privacy extremely seriously and ensure it is never misused. For more information about how we protect your information, read our privacy policy here.

Last Updated On: 3rd Jan, 2022